We manufacture medical devices for global top-tier OEMs

The core of our business is medical device implants, their assemblies, and accompanying surgical instruments. Our experience in the field of medical device manufacturing spans more than three decades with millions of medical devices in use today. Our 8th expansion has enabled us to increase our volume, shorten lead times, and offer better quality control.

Design Assistance

TOMZ Corporation is proud of our abilities when it comes to helping our customers during the design phase of a project. We find it key to the success of a product launch to be involved early in the design. Our design assistance reduces not only lead time by avoiding unnecessary iterations but will also substantially reduce cost. We can help your engineers get it right the first time.

Shorter Lead Times

We help customers fulfill critical supply chain needs quickly. Fast turnaround times are achieved through a dedicated workforce working within a fully integrated manufacturing environment. Waiting can be painful, but we strive to tackle your backlog with urgency.

Capacity to Keep Up

The latest expansion effectively doubled our capacity during which there was no interruption in production or volume. We are poised to double our workforce and have installed an additional 30 machines including class-leading multi-process workcenters such as the Willemin-Macodel 508MT2. In 2019 alone, we shipped more than 2 million pieces.

Completely integrated manufacturing

We have gone to great lengths to perform as much of the production process within our own facility. This major advantage reduces the frequency of quality issues which in turn help ensure that we meet delivery deadlines faithfully. 

Why Us!

Nearly 100% in-house production

We meet delivery deadlines faithfully.


We are consistently developing new solutions to complex manufacturing problems.

Responsive & dependable

We are large enough to handle your supply chain needs and nimble enough to respond to your requests quickly.

Quality culture

Our long track record of conformance and acceptance speaks for itself.