In 1988, TOMZ was started by one man with a vision and the will to succeed. Today, we are over 200 strong on a mission to help patients on a global scale.

This is TOMZ

TOMZ is a top-tier manufacturer of implantable medical devices and instruments for the world's leading medical OEMs. Driven by innovation and our experience spanning three decades, we ensure critical supply chain requirements are met in order to enhance the lives of patients globally.

What we do

We combine cutting-edge technology, innovative solutions, and experienced teams to help bring some of the most important medical devices to market.

We bridge the gap between ideas and life-changing devices utilized by surgical teams in every corner of the planet.

We believe in helping people live better

At the core of our mission is the understanding that we impact the world in a positive way. Our belief that the work we do allows medical professionals to help enrich and sometimes save the lives of their patients is a driving force.

We learn and grow - together

We are stronger together. Everyone at TOMZ embraces a culture of learning and team work. The two go hand-in-hand and are a powerful combination. Sharing knowledge and experience between different departments and people is a major driver of our innovation initiatives.



Safety is paramount in the medical device industry. The regulatory requirements are becoming increasingly more demanding throughout every step of a medical device's life cycle including during its service and delivery. We are steeped in a quality culture and strive to demonstrate our prowess in quality management processes and best practices.

Learn, grow, impact a life.
Join our team.

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