TOMZ Recognizes Excellence

April 11, 2018- TOMZ Corporation is celebrating the milestones of long term employees. In a post on the company’s LinkedIn page, TOMZ Corp stated,

” We are celebrating the hard work, dedication and teamwork exhibited by our employees. Thank you to everyone for your endless contributions. We cannot wait to add more names to this display!  Additionally, thank you to Hartford Sign and Design for their guidance in designing and manufacturing this masterpiece. “

Keep checking up for more updates! 

Manufacturers Recruit at Goodwin College Career Fair

OCTOBER 21, 2017- Forty manufacturing companies visited Goodwin College Tuesday looking for potential new hires. Goodwin students and other job seekers stopped by the Business and Manufacturing Center to learn about career opportunities in CNC machining, logistics, supply chain, quality and management. Among the 40 companies were TOMZ Corp. of Berlin, Arthur G. Russell Co. of Bristol, GKN Aerospace of Newington, PCX Aerostructures in Newington and SSI Manufacturing of Bristol. READ MORE

Virtual Reality Tours at NASS 2017

OCTOBER 18, 2017- TOMZ Corporation will be exhibiting at the 32nd annual North American Spine Society Annual Meeting held in Orlando, Florida. The dates of the meeting are October 25-27, 2017. TOMZ offers 28 years of experience providing precision manufacturing services for the medical implant field. TOMZ focuses on being highly specialized in this increasingly competitive and diverse industry, making them industry experts. TOMZ continues to improve processes and equipment in order to stay ahead of their competition. TOMZ will be giving virtual reality tours of their Berlin, Connecticut facility all   from the comfort of booth 1637. 

Pomyśl o przyszłości – TOMZ ogłasza nabór!

August 18, 2017- W kwietniu br. Tomasz Matuleniec przejął stery od ojca i objął stanowisko prezesa rodzinnego biznesu – Tomz Corporation z siedzibą w Berlinie w stanie Connecticut. 31-letni Tomasz swoją karierę w zakładzie zaczął już w wieku 8 lat, pomagając ojcu. Dziś śmieje się, że na awans na prezesa musiał pracować aż 23 lata. Firma TOMZ obecnie rozwija się coraz bardziej dynamicznie, a rozwój ten jest częściowo rezultatem wielu lat ciężkiej pracy, a częściowo efektem nowoczesnego sposobu zarządzania wdrożonego przez młodego prezesa, z którym rozmawia „Biały Orzeł”. READ MORE


Training The TOMZ Team

July 26, 2017- Connecticut based TOMZ Corporation is proud to reintroduce it’s unprecedented Training Academy. During 6 weeks of paid training, candidates are given the tools to shape themselves into a TOMZ Machine Operator. First developed in 2014, TOMZ Training Academy has brought in approximately 30 new employees and has helped ease the effects of the manufacturing skills gap that is happening in the United States. First developed in 2014, TOMZ Training Academy has brought in approximately 30 new employees and has helped ease the effects of the manufacturing skills gap that is happening in the United States. READ MORE

TOMZ Corporation Adds Two New Machines, Improves Cycle Times

July 13,2017- Enduring on their mission to continuously improve technology, TOMZ Corporation purchased two new Citizen machines; an M4 series 20 V as well as an M4 series 32 VII. The M4 series has 8 axes and can machine up to Ø20 mm while the M32VII has 9 axes and machines up to Ø32mm. Both machines boast larger tool stations than older model machines. As a medical device manufacturer, technology upgrades are critical due to the complexity of the devices TOMZ Corporation manufactures. read more…

Matulaniec leads TOMZ Corp.’s youth movement

July 10, 2017- Tom Matulaniec was 8 when he began helping his father at his Berlin company, TOMZ Corp., launching a 23-year journey that in April would see him named president of the manufacturer specializing in implantable parts for the medical industry. “I joke it’s the longest anyone’s waited for a promotion,” said Matulaniec, 31.

TOMZ represents initials of Matulaniec family members: Tom; sister, Ola; mother, Maria; and father, Zbig, who started the company in 1988 and is CEO, but at 65, has largely handed operating reins to his son. Ola and Maria do not work in the business.    READ MORE

TOMZ Corporation Attends OMTEC 2017

JUNE 22, 2017– OMTEC 2017 was a first for the TOMZ Team, we were ecstatic to see so many people taking the time to learn what TOMZ is all about. We like to keep things interesting which is why we decided to raffle off a certified official Tom Brady jersey (no, not the missing game jersey!).
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